Why Gary’s QuickSteak is Better

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Since 1981, Gary Rowher has been a pioneer in the restaurant industry. Determined to find a more efficient way to deliver sliced sirloin that offers flavor, convenience and consistent quality, Rohwer dedicated himself to inventing a process in which a delicious, premium steak product could be pre-sliced and pre-portioned before it reached restaurant kitchens and store shelves. Thanks to years of careful research and development, his vertically sliced Sirloin Steak remains one of the most widely used products among restaurant operators and food service distributors across the country.

Carefully Sourced Meat

Being from the Midwest has its perks–one of those is that we’re able to source our products locally from farmers we know and trust.

Cooking Process

Our product is unique to the market, in that our customers can take the product from frozen to the table in a matter of minutes.

Sizzle, Flip and Savor

Take the product out of the freezer, portion, and place in a skillet on medium-high heat. Cook one side until the meat begins browning, (approximately 60-90 seconds), Flip the portion over releasing the pre-sliced portions, allowing you to separate and continue cooking until done.

Flash Frozen

We flash freeze our steaks to ensure they arrive to you at peak perfection. Our process includes freezing the steaks at a much colder temperature than you can in your home freezer, allowing us to preserve the freshness and flavors until you take it out of the freezer to simply Sizzle, Flip and Savor!

Vacuum Sealed

We vacuum seal three, 12 ounce portions together in our retail packaging. The portioning process reduces waste and allows us to deliver the meat to the grocery stores, and ultimately to you, the freshest way possible.

Tips & Tricks:

Separating the Portions –

      • Each package of Gary’s QuickSteak comes with three, 12-oz portions. To separate them quickly, simply hold them against the edge of your counter top, allowing one portion to sit over the edge, and hit with the palm of your hand. Turn the package and do the same on the other side if not fully separated.

Opening the package –

      • The Gary’s QuickSteak packaging allows you to separate the package on the left hand side to easily open and pull the packaging apart.

Seasoning –

      • Your QuickSteak products are best seasoned in the skillet or pan when sizzling.  Chicken and corned beef come pre-seasoned but use our delicious Wow! seasoning to flavor for sirloin and all other seafood, vegetables, eggs and salads.

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